I am a military mom with very little time to work around the house.  I heard about Laine through our local listserv and am so happy I hired her to help me finish a couple of key rooms in the house.  I definitely appreciate her flexibility with my tight schedule as well.  She helped me to focus on what was most important, and gave numerous ideas on how to store things that we didn't need immediately.  Laine was very understanding as we categorized and put everything in its proper place.  She also gave me some key local area information on where to get some storage items.  A very special thanks to Laine for providing the assistance that was so desperately needed!

Karen, Alexandria, VA

Laine is so good at her job, that she helped me organize my twin daughters' bedroom remotely!  It was so easy - I took some pictures of my girls' room (which was a disaster), emailed them to Laine, she asked me a few questions and then sent me a terrific step-by-step organizing plan for the girls' room. Their room is so much better now.  Laine had great ideas that fit with how my girls' wanted their room to look.  I highly recommend Laine's services - she's the best!

Susan, Alexandria, VA

Tidy Up, Professional Organization transformed my home!  As a professional organizer, Laine was masterful at seeing the organizational needs in my house and finding efficient and practical ways to make improvements in each of my rooms.  She designs innovative solutions to organizational trouble spots with aplomb.  Further, Laine is a joy to work with!  She was considerate and respectful of my home throughout the process and her positive energy is infectious.  How to sum up Laine Hardman?  Reliable, efficient, affordable, and affable!

Beth, Alexandria, VA

Anyone embarking on a major move should call Laine first, then the movers.  We spent 15 years in our first home and the amount of things we accrued was overwhelming.  Laine helped me tackle the basement-- which was the biggest project of the entire move.  She has a real gift for organization and works quickly and efficiently.   Best of all, she kept me on task; we accomplished so much in daily 3 hour increments!  Laine was invaluable in the purging process; she helped me make smart decisions on what to pitch, donate and keep, as only a professional organizer can do.  She knew who to contact to put items to the best use; she even posted things on the neighborhood listserv for me.  No project was too big or too mundane for her.  She is the best, and such a pleasure to work with as well!

Mary, Alexandria, VA

Tidy Up saved my sanity, saved me money, and added another level of storage in my home!  Our garage was a disaster.  The thought of organizing the garage myself seemed impossible.  Laine and I met and within minutes she had a visual drawing that included shelving and specified sections.  Together we sorted, grouped, boxed, labeled, and discarded until every item had a home.  What would have taken me at least a week, took less than one day to organize.  We found hundreds of dollars worth of useful items I didn't even know we had!  Most importantly, I was able to relax this summer.  My garage is now a peaceful place and I have to admit, I can't stop looking at it!  Thanks Laine for your patience, focus, and expertise!

Becky,  South Bethany Beach, DE

Laine did a great job and really helped me with creative organizing suggestions and pitching in with the labor of organizing five people's personal items. In 1/2 day, I now have a highly organized and functional attic space to use as both playroom and guest room.  I had never tried a professional organizer before, and am so glad to have done so with Tidy Up.  An absolute pleasure and an excellent result. Thank you!

Jennifer, Alexandria, VA

I loved the results from using Tidy Up and working with Laine.  I needed two closets cleaned out and organized.  Laine worked with me, asking questions along the way as to whether I really needed an object or not.  We ended up with seven bags of items that I no longer needed for donation!  The best part was that Laine took the bags with her and took care of the donation for me!  I love my newly organized and clean closets.  Walking into them to retrieve something now makes me happy, not stressed out.  The closets are now two of my “happy places!”

Catherine, Arlington, VA

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